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baking fail and the poop emoji

Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. -Winston Churchill


This past weekend I decided to make doughnuts, pumpkin chai donuts in fact!  I found a recipe and decided to tweak it to fit what I had on hand. Having food allergies and sensitivities, I’m used to swapping out ingredients and although I’m not a professional baker by any means, I like to think I’m fairly proficient. I mixed the ingredients together, filled my pastry bag, and piped them into my doughnut pan. The mixture seemed a little thicker and stickier than usual, but it usually settles into the pan nicely so I threw them into the oven. That’s when things went wonky. Not only did my mix not settle into the pan, they baked in the shape they were piped into the pans… enter my poop emoji doughnuts:


I mean, come on, what are they? Ok, you want to play that way? I’ll just smooth the mixture in the pan for the next batch so they don’t look like little poops, at least they will taste good right? Nope. This recipe just failed all around. The taste was off. The consistency was off. The color was off. The appearance was off.

What a complete and utter failure. But did this discourage me from baking? No. Are you ridiculous? I laughed. I laughed a lot. I mean, my doughnuts look like the poop emoji. That’s hilarious.

I failed, I picked myself up, I dusted myself off, then I laughed at myself. I wish it was this easy to deal with failure in all aspects of my life. That’s the tricky bit right? Learning that failure is not the end. That failing doesn’t make you a failure. So the next time you fail at something remember my poop emoji doughnuts, pick yourself up, and try again.


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