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book club: the off switch

I’m guilty. I love my job, but I take it home with me. And being an entrepreneur doesn’t help. This year hasn’t been my favorite, lots of stress and worry, but that’s exactly why I need to learn to leave work at work so that I can unwind at home. It is necessary to have that time away so that you can recharge and be even more productive when you go back to work. Easier said than done, right? Well I discovered this amazing book, The Off Switch, by Professor Mark Cropley and I am really enjoying it so far.


About the book:

Work is a big part of our lives, but it’s now easier than ever to let it take over. Mobile devices that are supposed to free us from the office can actually bind us to it. If you’ve ever felt stressed as you checked your work email in the evenings, or found yourself unable to sleep worrying about tomorrow’s meeting, then this is the book for you!


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