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book club: mort

I’m kicking off my very first book club with one of my favorite books, Mort by Terry Pratchett. Fans of fantasy, the macabre, and romance alike will be entertained by this brilliant book. It is the fourth book in the Discworld series, but don’t worry you don’t need to have read the first novels to enjoy it, although the others are quite entertaining as well. It is the first book in the series to feature Death as a main character and given that Halloween is the end of this month, it seemed like a perfect choice!


About the book:

Death comes to everyone eventually on Discworld. And now he’s come to Mort with an offer the young man can’t refuse. (No, literally, can’t refuse since being dead isn’t exactly compulsory.) Actually, it’s a pretty good deal. As Death’s apprentice, Mort will have free board and lodging. He’ll get use of the company horse. And he won’t have to take any time off for family funerals. But despite the obvious perks, young Mort is about to discover that there is a serious downside to working for the Reaper Man… because this perfect job can be a killer on one’s love life.

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