Month: May 2015

tuesday, may 26: lemony millet

when pinterest pulls through! this lemony millet recipe is delicious!


tuesday, may 5: curveballs

Well life has definitely thrown me a few curveballs this year. The biggest of which has to do with my health. I’ve been dealing with a few icky health things since January, have been to my doctor, and had numerous tests run. We’re still working on getting a diagnosis, but in the meantime the name of the game is pain management. But that’s the thing about life, right? It will always throw you curveballs. Some will be bigger than others, some more life-changing than others, but if you wait until those curveballs stop to live your life, you’ll be waiting long after you are gone. That being said, I’m back! I know I’m not the most consistent blogger, but I’m going to try and put more effort into posting on this blog. Starting next week I’m going to be spilling my secrets and methods of clearing out my closet, refining my style, and falling back in love with fashion. I’ll also be sharing more food and recipe posts, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love food. …