Month: January 2015

tuesday, january 27: borrowed from the boys

Raise your hand if you love boyfriend jeans. (raises hand) I am still such a big fan of boyfriend jeans. They are so comfortable and seem to go with everything. It’s not surprising that I included them in my first core collection, you’ll probably see them in quite a few! And the pair I’m wearing are amazing. What makes them so amazing? They aren’t actually denim. I have quite a few pairs of Mavi’s boyfriend jeans, so when I heard they were doing a jogger (non-denim, knit) version, I was on board. The weather has been a little bipolar this month. It’s technically winter, but So Cal has be fluctuating between 75-80 degrees with lots of sun and 60 degrees with rain. I’ve been opting for lots of light layers. A light tee for the day and a blazer for early morning and evening. It’s a classic look and works well for the weather. blazer: Maiscon Scotch from Taim Boutique | tee: Press from Taim Boutique | jeans: Mavi Jeans from Taim Boutique | necklace: …

wednesday, january 14: fair isle

Hello there! It’s my first style post this year and in all honestly, I feel behind. I had hoped that I could get 1-2 style posts published each week so I could show you how I’m wearing my January Core Collection. And to top it all off, completely by accident, I did something weird with my camera settings and didn’t even realize until after I took the pictures and was reviewing them on my computer. Luck is just not on my side today. Oh well! Here is the one picture that wasn’t completely dark or blurry. I promise to check the camera settings before I use it again. fair isle sweater : Lou & Grey | jeggings : Denimocracy from Taim Boutique | necklace : Panache from Taim Boutique | peep toe booties : Kohl’s

sunday, january 11: january core collection

One of my goals this year is to simplify my wardrobe so that it really works for me. Rather than focusing on the negative (getting rid of items by “clearing out” my closet or only wearing certain items), I’ve taken a different approach. I’m focusing on the positive (what I absolutely love)! Each month I will curate a selection of 10 core pieces on which to focus. Why ten? It’s a nice round number and seems to work well for me. My ten core pieces will consist of 4 tops (shirts, blouses, sweaters), 2 bottoms (pants, jeans, shorts), 1 dress/skirt, 1 jacket/coat, and 2 pairs of shoes. I will choose my pieces based on three criteria: Do I love it? Does it fit? Does it make me feel good? Each morning I will pick one item from my core collection and build an outfit around that piece. The rest of my ensemble can come from my core collection as well as the rest of my closet. My hope is that at the end of the …

thursday, january 1: resolutions

My only resolution for 2015 is to focus on the positive. Rather than spend my energy trying to fix the “bad” things in life, I’ve decided to focus my energy on appreciating/experiencing the “good” things in life. There are a lot of things that make me happy.┬áHere is a list of what I will be putting my energy into┬áthis year. travelling reading listening to music cooking spending time with friends and family laughing exploring Forget trying to do “more” and focus on just doing what makes you happy.