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thursday, december 11: a day in the life

Kendra Pearce - Tuesday Afternoon - A Day In The LifeI arrived at the shop this morning, Starbucks red cup in hand, and threw my planner, breakfast, and keys down on the counter. Shortly after, I spent about 10 minutes trying to get the perfect Instagram shot of my “desk.” Let’s get real for a second, to get this casually styled shot I grab a small display table, clear the clothes off it, then very carefully place the one or two items you would actually find on my desk with multiple other items which scream “it’s the Holidays and I’m super creative.” What we do for the ‘gram, right? After all was said and done, I actually thought it would be more fun to show what a day in my life really looks like. While these pictures may still be pretty, they are more accurate at depicting what a typically day looks like for me. So here you go, a day in the life of a shop girl.

Kendra Pearce - Tuesday Afternoon - A Day In The LifeIt’s a bit unfair to say that I don’t have a desk, but my shop is in an old beach bungalow and my office is up in a loft. I can’t exactly spend time off the floor up in my office while I have a store to run. The counter ends up being my desk and here’s what is really going on in this picture. Those bows? They’re not to show off how creative and festive I am, they have fallen off our window display and have yet to be reattached. Notice how the planner is still closed and my pen is jabbed into the coils. On a good day I may have a few minutes before the store opens to review my day. Today that didn’t happen. My Starbucks red cup is self-explanatory, caffeine. There are also half eaten biscuits on a napkin because I don’t have a beautiful plate to display them on. Don’t forget the notes and pile of pens and sharpies that are always sitting on the counter. And lastly, you may not have even noticed, but under the counter is quite messy. It always looks like that.

Kendra Pearce - Tuesday Afternoon - A Day In The LifeSetting up the flat lay for Instagram.

Kendra Pearce - Tuesday Afternoon - A Day In The LifePrepping the gift shelves for the weekend.

Kendra Pearce - Tuesday Afternoon - A Day In The LifeStraightening the hangers. So many hangers.


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